• Moderate Potency
  • Moderate Range
  • Strong Utility



Fluid Controlled

up to 2 liters per cast

0.5 gallon

H2O content of Fluids Fluid must be more than 50% water to be controlled
Casting Rate 1 hour cooldown after use
Projectile Range 15 meters 50 feet
Projectile Speed 25 feet per second

27.4 kph 17 mph

Sphere Size up to 3 inches (8 cm) diameter

~ 9 ounces (16 inch3 or 262 cm3)

Sphere Power Able to knock a person off their feet

causes deep bruises

Spear/Staff Size usually a delicately thin shaft of a height up to 48 inches long

~ 13 ounces (24 inch3 or 393 cm3)

Spear/Staff Power Pierce any non-metal substance up to 5cm deep
7 water spheres could be formed and launched during a single casting. Doing so would deplete the entire utility of the spell.

5 water spears/staves could be formed and launched during a single casting. Doing so would deplete the entire utility of the spell.

Spheres (16) and spears/staves (24) can be mixed and matched so long as the total used do not exceed the total allowance of the spell (122).

pretty much Solaria can morph water into projectile such as a water sphere or a water spear which he could use as a staff in combat. The Sphere projectile would be able to knock a person off they feet or just bruise them really badly it has the distance of 10-15 meters, The weight of the sphere would be around 8 to 9 ounces. The sphere can travel around 25 feet persecond

While the Spear side has a distance rate of 10-15 meters away from Solaria in any which direction and can be used for close up weapon in combat like a staff. it can puncture the skin but only 5cm into the body. which can barely fatal to a really big person or a person with large muscle mass. The water magickaly stays in Solid state one it has been morphed, not becoming ice but similar in nature of solidity. besides being able to pierce skin it can pierce through wood and concreate.

Solaria needs from around 250ml to 2 liters of water for his morphining to be effective. Solaria needs to be near the water to morph it he does not to physically have to touch the element, he can morph it with his mind.

Solaria can only use this ability when there's water near him (moister in the air excluded and human fluids too) and can only do 5 spears and 7 spheres with an hour cool down after exceeding the limit of use set out. This ability is weak against heat attacks that make the water evaporate. Once the water has been depleated the water can disappear, but the spears disappear at Sols will but other wise they last for 7 minutes before dissipating.

This ability is not only limited to water but to liquids with a H2O base, e.g. Juice, alchol etc.