• Weak Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Strong Utility


Virgil's status as the son and ambassador of Death is as perceivable by the undead as though Virgil himself wore a bright crown. Virgil is treated by other undead (at least non-intelligent ones) as an ally at best, and 'non-hostile' at the least. If Virgil attacks an undead subject, the target will be able to defend themselves naturally, but so long as Virgil bears no ill will and does nothing to provoke or impede the undead, even the most ancient of undead will generally remain courteous and passive. To meet Virgil is like meeting the young prince of your country, for the undead.Intelligent undead, like vampires or similar powerful creatures, will recognize Virgil as, at the least, a very important member of their kind. Some may even feel affectionate towards him, should it be possible. They may still attack or harm him out of ill will, but they may often are hesitant to do so. For younger undead, it's more of a gut feeling than for any reason they could pin down. Meeting Virgil is like meeting someone you were once familiar with, but could no longer recognize from where. The older the undead (in the scope of centuries), the more likely they recognize Virgil's presence as an emulation of Charon's himself. An undead subject under someone's control may still be ordered to attack Virgil. However, the order must be explicit. If a necromancer commanded his skeleton army to 'kill all the students on the campus', Virgil would be exempt. If the necromancer commanded the army to kill Virgil specifically, they could do so. However, they generally suffer some hesitance unless Virgil fights back.Furthermore, Virgil may also command the unintelligent or sub-intelligent undead, particularly those under the control of lesser necromancers. Hey may command them to the same degree as in "Death's Sweet Kiss" (a single command, carried out for an hour or until completion) by speaking an order in the Dead Tongue. The undead will then disregard their original controller's orders until the necromancer either manages to overpower Virgil's command. The difficulty of this for a necromancer is roughly equivalent to convincing the average person to commit high treason - not easily done.

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