Attributes Edit

  • Minor Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Weak Usage

Description Edit

Kyuki has telekinesis but has never really practiced the power meaning she can only lift things that are no heavier than something she could hold easily in a single hand and is the size of a book. She can only move one item at a time and cannot move it especially quickly. This means she could hold pick up an item that is up to three pounds and can only move it as fast as if she were carrying something but at a slow and deliberate pace. The task also takes some concentration making multitasking more difficult. It's also easy to startle her out of using this ability and due to her telekinetic strength being relatively weak someone could probably wrestle an item out of her mental hold with a bit of effort. She can has to be within twenty feet to use this power and can only use this ability for a few minutes at a time. The real time she begins to feel the weight of this power is if she holds an item longer than necessary, meaning she is hold the item for more than thirty seconds to a minute. Repeated use above the last stated duration's will cause mental fatigue. Kyuki rarely thinks of this as a real ability and thus doesn't even think to use it in battle, not that it would be of much help anyway.