Potency: Strong.

Range: Weak.

Utility: Moderate.

Zuberi's voice is enhanced by this skill, giving him not just the ability of roaring out like a lion regardless of his current form as often as he likes, but also power to bestow blessings or curses on others.

Zuberi choses one target and calls out if cursed or blessed as well as his reasons for it, a cursed target feels fatigued, pained and unable to concentrate on a task, as if under the effect of a very bad flu, limiting its physical abilities to be at best on par with average humans, and when applied to average humans it reduces all their physical abilities to a half, limiting how much the target can carry and with what strength they can strike, how fast and agile they are and how much pain they can endure.

Blessed targets on the other hand feel invigorated, as if completely rested and fortified. This boosts the natural abilities of the target to be doubled, allowing them to carry double the weight they usually can, doubling their speeds and agility and making them endure twice as much pain.

While one would expect this to be resisted through mind or even magical means, it's in fact only resistible by sheer physical power given that Zuberi uses his nature to impose these transformations on others, thus someone naturally twice as strong than Zuberi sees the effect lessened to a half, and someone four times as strong as Zuberi can resist the effects effortlessly.

Because of its divine nature, the effect of the curse or blessing can't be altered, only resisted. Likewise, Zuberi can't bless a naturally evil target, such as demons or undead, however if they are repentant and swear allegiance to him they can receive it as long as they uphold their word. For this same reason he can't curse a naturally good target, such as an angel, unless he witnesses or knows for sure that its target has committed a crime or has been expelled by its deity.

Zuberi can bestow 3 blessings or curses every 5 minutes to targets as far as his shouts can be clearly heard, which is approximately 18 meters, a baseball throwing distance more or less. The curse or blessing lasts for up to 1 minute, or until the blessed target does something criminal, or the cursed target swears allegiance to Zuberi and upholds its word, whatever happens first. They can't be stacked, however once they run out, he can bestow them again. Even though it's a transformation effect, he can't bestow a curse or blessing on himself.