• Minor Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Moderate Utility


A Tau is a magical creature in nature, given supernatural abilities that are more often than not connected to fighting. Most Tau present lion body parts, such as ears and tails, though it's not uncommon to have manes, noses and other such alterations happen too. In Zuberi's case, it's only the white lion ears and tail.

In this natural form, Zuberi's senses are heightened, however not to the same degree of a lion, yet still above human levels. His eyes are well-adapted for use under very low light, containing a special reflective coating that increases his visual acuity in very low light by ensuring that every possible photon of light makes it to the cells in the retina, this in turn allows Zuberi to see in a waning moon night, however reaching new moon he's as lost as any average human.

His sense of smell is developed, allowing him to track someone by scent if he has a sample and the person left about 3 hours ago, anything more and the scent is too diluted to be perceived.

The sense of hearing is perhaps only slightly above average, allowing him to perceive more frequencies rather than extending the range. The ears can be swiveled over a wide angle to enable the lion to hear distant sounds, and know what direction they are coming from.

Additionally, the Tau possesses different abilities that vary from individual to individual: The Mane, The Bite, The Swipe and The Roar, these abilities are available regardless of his form and are natural to his race, rather than acquired through changes or learned.