• Weak Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Vast Utility


Zuberi's body can shift into that of an anthropomorphic lion, with the head, fur, tail and claws of a lion, and the basic body frame of a human. The difference of this form compared to his standard form are the additional natural weapons he has, such as the claws and fangs, capable of shredding meat and jaws strong enough to break bones with easy, plus the sharper senses of a lion.

The eyes are proportionately larger than in other comparable-sized animals, and posses round pupils. Lions, like most cats, are visual animals. The eyes are also well-adapted for use under very low light. This helps the lion hunt at night.

Contrary to popular notion, a lion's eyes do not glow in the dark, but they contain a special reflective coating that will reflect even moonlight. This coating increases the lion's visual acuity in very low light by ensuring that every possible photon of light makes it to the cells in the retina. Their eyes are effective even by starlight. A white circle just below the eyes helps reflect light into the eyes to further improve night vision. Like most mammals, lions have a nictitating membrane which serves to clean and protect the eye in some circumstances. Lions, like most cats, have limited ability to move their eyes side-to-side, and must turn the head to look in a different direction.

The sense of smell is well developed. Lions mark their territories by means of scent deposits, necessitating a good sense of smell. This also helps them find kills made by other predators, and perhaps obtain an easy meal by driving the other predator off their kill. Another interesting thing that lions and all other cats posses is a special olfactory organ on the roof of the mouth called a Jacobson's organ. Sometimes, you will see a lion, or even your cat, grimace when smelling something. They are opening their lips to draw air over their Jacobson's organs. This grimacing gesture is called Flehmen.

The sense of hearing is perhaps only slightly above average. The ears can be swiveled over a wide angle to enable the lion to hear distant sounds, and know what direction they are coming from.

The transformation takes 3 seconds, and can last for the whole day, with no particular restriction on how many times he can shift