• Strong Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Moderate Utility


Strength of the Tiger

When this spell is activated Rose's strength is increased pure brute. With the spell activates Rose can lift 1.2 tons (550 Kg) above her head while using both arms easily for upwards of 15 minutes before exhaustion sinks in. With added strength comes an increased amount of damage dealt, Rose can punch her whole arm through concrete, 3 inches of steal, and/or 1/8th inch of titanium and this translates to severe bruising, fracturing of long bones and/or possible bruising of internal organs.

With her arms strengthened she can put force behind her knives throws, meaning she can throw them 3x as fast (145 miles an hour) and travel 3x as far (36 feet). And this can be stacked with Speed of the Blackbuck and with them stacked she gains 6x in the speed (290 miles an hour) and they travel 6x as far (72 feet).

This ability costs her 10 of her wild magic for a minute of use.