• Moderate Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Weak Utility


Speed of the Blackbuck

When this spell is activated Rose's speed doubles in one of three ways; quicker movements, running speed, or the speed in which she moves a limb. The average human tops out at 12 miles per hour and that is something Rose can hit normally and handle for about 15 minutes before she begins to tire, with this spell active her speed triples, causing her to top out at 45 miles per hour for 15 minutes.

Another possibility is that Rose can have her body react quicker than a normal human, causing her be able to dodge more often. With this active Rose can dodge a normal human's knife throw, a normal human's punch or kick, or even, if luck is on her side, a faster moving object like a car.

The last possibility, is that Rose can speed up a limb on her body, like her arms. While speeding up the movement in her arms, she can force a projectile being thrown from her to move faster and move further. She can get her blade to move 3x as fast (145 miles per hour) and travel 3x as far (36 feet).

Each of these abilities costs her 10 of her wild magic mana for a minute of use each.