• Moderate Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Weak Utility


Virgil is developing his swordplay into its own brand of style. Relentless practice of form and application against a wide variety of foes have tempered Virgil's skill. He is now on the path from a learner to a master, cutting his own direction.Virgil uses the weight of a heavy two-handed sword to its advantage, improving the force of his blows by letting it swing about. Virgil keeps his feet firmly on the ground when pivoting, bending his knees and keeping his centre of balance low so he does not lose himself in throwing his weight around. Virgil appreciates swinging his falx in large, wide arcs. If he can reach the sword's tip behind the opponent, the swing back will carry enough to just about run right through their flesh.His style is a relentless and reckless one, sacrificing reliable defence for tremendous offence. It suits Virgil well, for his skeleton is extremely durable and his reception to pain is very much dulled. It requires a two-handed sword to fully take advantage of the style, but Virgil can still use a one-handed blade in a pinch.Spinning about and keeping balance takes an incredible load of concentration, especially when he needs to aim and dodge all in the same strokes. He may fight for ten minutes at peak performance, throwing hard swings at his opponent and hoping to wear them down with unrelenting force.