• Minor Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Weak Utility


Vision: Limited to same sight spectrum of electromagnetic waves (light) as normal human sight
Sight Range: <15 feet from her face
Vision Span: 120 degrees, facing forward

same as most normal humans

Rosie lost her natural sight once. A mean man didn't like that Rosie saw what he really was like, what he had done, what she had sad about her vision. He hurt her, and she was content to stay in the dark for a long time.

But she wasn't kept in the dark forever.

Her body's Evotelleric Genes eventually found a work-around for her sight-based powers. Rather than sensing visible range electromagnetic energy with ocular organs, eyes, she began sensing the world around her with imagination. At least, it was like imagination at first. Her fingers did the 'seeing' for her, and she learned familiar spaces. Then she made it a game to imagine the space in her mind and decorate it with her imagination. When she bumped into something that moved or heard someone come in, she leaned to work them into her imaginary version of the space she knew.

Then, things started showing up in her imaginary version before she bumped into them or heard them or felt them. If she was close enough and facing it, she could sense it and it would appear in her mind's eye of the space she was in.

Now it has developed to the point that if she wants to 'see' like she used to, she can cognate the sight of things near her just like normal sight. Otherwise, she is simply aware of things when she chooses to see, and can assign imaginary perception to them in her imaginary version of the space she is in. Her dictating her own version of reality she 'sees.'

Sight Beyond Sight is considered a passive power. While there are no hard limits on its use per day, it is treated like eyesight without actually using Rosie's eyeballs. As a side-effect, that makes her immune to blinding by targeting her literal eyes. But just like natural sight, this power still requires visible range of electromagnetism to allow sensing; that means no seeing in the dark.