• Strong Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Strong Utility


Virgil is not entirely undead. He still requires some form of eating and breathing, and though his blood does not flow his body still requires the nutrients necessary for life. In times of potentially fatal shock or severe limb failure, however, Virgil's necrotic engine can kick in. Should Virgil's organs or limbs become compromised, Virgil may sacrifice some of his personal power to go to a sort of life-support system. 

Virgil's necrotic engine automatically kicks in when Virgil is fatally compromised. It will take over the function of any lost organs. When mortally wounded, Virgil has the following limitations:

  • Virgil cannot expend any necromantic energy except to heal himself. He may still absorb necrotic energy and alter it in a zero-sum situation (such as with Necrotic Prism).
  • Virgil cannot override the brain. That is, the only surefire way to kill Virgil is by destroying his brain.
  • Virgil may remain in this state for at most six hours.
  • Virgil cannot shut the redundancy off until he has managed any fatal damage.
  • Diseases, poisons, and other effects still linger in Virgil to just short of death. Virgil would remain extremely ill.
  • This redundancy may only be activated once before needing to restore itself. Thus once Virgil heals and escapes it, he still must remain out of action or risk true death.

Secondly, Virgil may also use his necrotic engine to return function to any compromised musculature or sensory, like his eyes. The damage in this sense would have to be physical in order for this to work – A spell that makes Virgil blind or mutes him would still do so, unless their effects were caused by actual physical damage (eg gouging out Virgil's eyes). Virgil has the following limitations when using it this way:

  • Every minute of this secondary usage burns half a minute of time from the primary redundancy. Thus if Virgil used this version for ten hours, he will have lost all but one hour on the primary life support.
  • Virgil, at most, may use this secondary redundancy for 12 hours before he would need a full day of rest to let his engine restore itself.
  • Virgil may voluntarily turn this redundancy on and off. Once it is shut off, however, he cannot use it again for another hour (the primary redundancy will still kick in if needed and available).

Failure to comply with the time limits on either redundancies will risk Virgil death by exhaustion. He cannot live with his engine depleted, much like a man cannot live with their heart stopped.