Attributes Edit

  • Weak Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Moderate Usage

Description Edit

Kyuki's main ability is illusion, due to her lack of control it is most often used on accident, such as turning invisible when embarrassed. She typically uses this on herself, making her look like another person or turning invisible. As any thing she does is an illusion it cannot physically harm someone or amplify herself in any way. By this I mean her power merely alters the way something looks but doesn't alter another persons perception. This power is used to simply fool others. She can use it on herself, objects and potentially other people. While she doesn't need to stay near the object to maintain the illusion, she must be within five feet of the object to create an illusion. The act of casting or removing the illusion is what costs energy in this ability, not maintenance. An illusion will last for only a few hours. Kyuki can have up to three 'human sized' illusions going at the same time, five or six lesser ones or only one larger illusion. Her illusions themselves won't fool cameras. Kyuki's illusions can only fool a persons sight. Due to the vast energy it takes to constantly change an illusion to fade herself into the background she can only maintain invisibility for a few minutes.☁