• Weak Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Minor Utility


Given the depth of Phoenix's power over blood, she has reached the zenith of her hemokinetic power. Using the same technique that cures her targets of birth defects and genetic diseases, Phoenix can literally re-write the genetics of a person to outwardly change their appearance. Given enough time and blood, she could potentially re-make a human being into anything, and vice-versa.

Small, aesthetic changes to appearance take only a few minutes, and a tablespoon or so of blood. These kinds of changes include eye, hair and skin color, even to shades that are unnatural to the species in question.

Additional appendages, such as growing animal ears and tails, or even just another pair of limbs, takes about two hours and three pints of blood.

Complete changes, such as changing someone's gender, species, body shape, entire appearance, and even their innate abilities and powers, takes an entire day and a full supply of blood.

Naturally even grander changes take longer and require more blood, sometimes going into a several-day process.

Naturally, the reverse is also true. Phoenix could take away bestial features, extra limbs, powers and anything else and make someone a completely normal person, given the same amount of time and blood level. A table is provided below:

Alteration Table
Alterations Length of Time Blood Use


Hair color, eye color, skin color, fur color etc

1 minute 1 tbsp

Feature Shift

Nose shape, jawline, breast size etc.

2 minutes 1 cup

Additional Appendage

Animal ears, tail, wings, extra arms etc.

2 hours 3 pints

Body Shift

Gender, species, height etc.

1 day 12 pints

Complete Makeover

Evotelluric abilities, superpowers, phylum change

3 days Constant blood supply

Note: plot device power only, author permission required for use. Does not buy powers for characters, only facilitates reasons for changes.