Potency: Moderate

Range: Weak

Usage: Moderate

Zuberi can breath out a very cold air, looking similar to the steam of our breath that we see typically during very cold days, that extends up to 3 meter from him and has a diameter of approximately 50 centimeters at it's limit.

This breath moves at most twice as fast the running speed of an average human, making it easy to dodge but not so easy to outrun, and it's cold enough to make moisture in the air, as well as damp surfaces and thin sheets of water freeze almost instantaneously, leaving a thin frost coat on the surfaces and thin sheets of ice on the surface of water by just touching it.

Naturally the capacity of freezing something depends on its initial temperature, and while human bodies are way too hot (and big) to freeze completely through the use of this power, the skin does suffer damage as the frost forms on it and the cold goes deeper, causing first degree frostbites within 1 second of exposure, and up to second degree frostbites past the 10 seconds of exposure.

Areas of the body where heat isn't regained quickly are particularly vulnerable to this, such as the fingers, nose and ears, thus increasing the damage to these areas as they are exposed to repeated blows.

First degree frostbite, also known as frostnip, only affects the surface of the skin, which is frozen. On the onset, there is itching and pain, and then the skin develops white, red, and yellow patches and becomes numb. The area affected by frostnip usually does not become permanently damaged as only the skin's top layers are affected.

If freezing continues, the skin may freeze and harden, but the deep tissues are not affected and remain soft and normal. Second-degree injury usually blisters 1–2 days after becoming frozen. The blisters may become hard and blackened, but usually look worse than they actually are. Most of the injuries heal in one month.

Since it is related to his breathing, Zuberi can at most exhale this freezing breath for 10 seconds, and only after having inhaled deeply, with an average inhale he can at most sustain it for 3 seconds. He can use this ability to produce up to 5 minutes worth of freezing breath, for any combination between the short and long ones.

Exhaling this cold air does bring eventually a rather intense Ice-cream headache as the cold breath comes in contact with the roof of his mouth, this of course is rather painful and forces him to either take pauses of about 30 seconds between breaths, or endure the uncomfortable pain.