Potency: Strong.

Range: Minor.

Utility: Strong.

As a prelude to achieving the Empyrean form, Zuberi is capable of manifesting wings on his back in any of his other forms. The wings resemble those of an eagle in shape, with golden feathers, scaled up to have a wingspan of 15 feet and capable to fold behind him.

Naturally he can flap them and raise on the air, or glide by dropping from a high place, allowing him to fly up to a height of 2,000 meters above land, where average birds fly, before needing to lower his height due to less oxygen present in the air.

Regarding what he can lift with himself, Zuberi is capable of lifting with him up to 80 kilograms, allowing him to lift another human being with him. Without additional weight, Zuberi is capable of flying or gliding for approximately 1 hour before needing to land and rest for at least 10 minutes. He can fly at about 50 Km/h horizontal flight average speed, however he's capable of reaching speeds of approximately 50 m/s when diving, which allows him a sprint in horizontal flight of about 30 seconds as he decelerates down to the average speed again.

Carrying his maximum load, Zuberi's flight time is cut down to a half, as well as his horizontal speed. However his dive speed is doubled and thus his sprint speed. Now, it's important to note that while perhaps rather fast, Zuberi still has the reflexes and mental speed of an average Tau, so he can't do U-turns, rather being limited to do what an average human could do driving a car at those speeds, which in his top diving speed could mean he'll crash if he doesn't pulls up again soon.

The wings are also protected by the Mane, however should the Mane be taken down, not only will they become as fragile as any other part of the body, but also won't allow Zuberi to fly, given how the Mane allows them to bear the load.