Potency: Weak.

Range: Major.

Utility: Vast.

This spell summons a jungle that overgrows an area, filling it with grass, shrubs, and trees. The plant growth creeps and curls across everything in the area, ensnaring it and coiling around it as if it had been growing there for many centuries.

The first sign of warning about this spell is a circle of light extending from under Zuberi's feet, and growing in radius up to 75 meters, where the circle stops it's growth, remaining there for the rest of the casting. Then mist begins pouring out of the center of the circle, filling the half sphere, and as it fills the place, plants begin to appear within it, creeping and growing out from the center to the edges.

After 2 minutes, the summoning is done, finishing with the appearance of the tallest tree at the center, reaching up to 75 meters in height and holding the shape of 2 thrones made of barks and leaves in its top. The trees and shrubs go reducing their size to the edges, keeping the spherical shape, and provide paths from different levels just as a normal jungle.

While not damaging to the structures where the plants coil around and grow, filling all the available and biologically possible space and providing support to the current state of the structure, the plants block paths, doors, and other such, and create their own paths through the structure, forcing everyone going through to be careful and in some places where the overgrowth is particularly dense, requiring the assistance of a blade to cut through.

The air is extremely humid, yet not hot enough to cause dehydration, keeping a light mist all over the lower levels of the forest, up to 10 meters in height. At the highest point, there is no mist and no temperature or humidity difference than outside the forest.

None of the plants are poisonous, yet none is particularly nutritive either, and there are no animals besides the ones that could already have been in the area when the summoning happened.

The plants can last up to 24 hours once summoned, after which they naturally start shrinking and disappearing, leaving everything in the structures affected as it was before the summoning. Zuberi can also dismiss the plants, and summon them several times through the day.