• Strong Potency
  • Strong Range
  • Weak Utility


Sometimes you can't just punch your way out of a fight. At least not at first. Your opponent has some advantage that, when used, essentially throws you out of favour. That's where the Mindscaper comes in with more underhanded tricks. Like the Sucker Punch and Gouge, the Pressure Point Strike is designed to hinder an enemy without committing direct mental damage.

Elena may elect to attack a target's mind in such a way that it disables their ability to activate one specific power. It is like an extremely selective and temporary bout of amnesia, in that the target forgets how to use the power and cannot activate it on their own. If the target has a very nebulous power with multiple branches of powers involved with it, Elena can only take out one at a time. However, fundamentally similar abilities (different coloured fireballs – see Lightning Fist) will all be disabled. On the other hand, 'fire ball' and 'fire breath' can't both be cancelled out by targeting a character's “pyrokinesis” ability, for example.

In order for Elena to successfully use this ability against an active power, one of two conditions must be met:

  1. Elena has seen the target use the active power before.
  2. Elena has stopped the power with Pre-Emptive Strike! before.

This allows Elena to recall what parts of the mind the opponent used to activate the ability. Naturally, under the second condition, Elena wouldn't know what she disabled.

An active power remains disabled for at most ten minutes, and Elena may only use this power up to five times per day. She may strike an opponent's mind more than once like this, but she must wait for the original damage to wear off. In other words, she might be able to use this power multiple times in one battle against several opponents 'at once', but Elena can never disable more than one power against anyone at a time.