• Major Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Strong Utility


Chronokinesis is defined as the ability to manipulate and control time, either as a whole or in relation to yourself, with your mental power. Allister has usage of the latter variant of the ability. He is able to speed up time around himself and for anything he comes into physical contact with. This gives the illusion of Allister moving at higher speeds to those around him, while they and the rest of the world appear to just be moving slower to him. While the power is active Allister's right eye takes on a blue glow.

Allister has a total limit of sixty minutes in accelerated time per twenty four hour period, and he has a cool down period he must be wary of. Allister can spend up to five minutes with his power active, after which he must spend at least an equal amount of time in regular time. This is the minimum but having his abilities active takes a physical toll on Allister. It is recommended that he spend twice the amount of time he was in his accelerated time in normal time between uses. Use of his powers in repeated succession without a long enough break will take major physical toll on him and possibly leave him bed ridden for several days.

Allister can accelerate his own time by 50%, making him that much faster, for up to five minutes by his own count, or three minutes and twenty seconds by standard time. Five minutes is the safe limit for the power. It is possible for him to force his body to remain accelerated for up to ten minutes, six minutes and forty seconds, but this can result in extreme fatigue and pain. If Allister uses his power for multiple ten minute periods, roughly three times in a row, he will be bed ridden for no less than a week. In the most extreme cases, Allister can push his powers to a single fifteen minute interval of accelerated time, this is about ten minutes in normal time. If he ever uses his powers in this way he will become comatose for no less than a week while his body recovers. A common sign of abuse of his powers comes in the form of a nose bleed.

Allister's time acceleration only affects himself and anything he makes direct physical contact with, this includes objects and people. At most he can have two people in accelerated time with him. In this case he can only hold the ability for five minutes at a time. If something connected to Allister in accelerated time breaks contact with him it will drop back to normal time. If Allister breaks contact with someone before five minutes are up and makes contact again he has another five minutes with them. He still has his set limits for the day and the time period.