Attributes Edit

  • Strong Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Weak Usage

Description Edit

Being a succubus, every few days Stella will need to feed. Stella will need to take life energy from someone else in order to replenish herself. To do this she needs to find someone who is attracted to her (a straight man or lesbian) or convince them that she is attractive to them (by means of possible persuasion powers). She then must get close to them and establish eye contact, her eyes will then flare gold initiating the exchange of energy. Both people’s mouths will open and the energy will flow out from the victim’s mouth, through the air and into her own. The energy typically looks almost light blue. When the exchange is finished she will temporarily (for about half an hour) have the physical attribute of an Olympic athlete and the victim will feel both physically and mentally exhausted, to the point of being extremely sluggish. This person will gradually recover over a few hours. After a few days of not feeding Stella’s other powers will desert her and she will be incredibly weak. 

This ability can be used to kill, but only in distinct story instances with both players permission. Also if interrupted in the middle of using this ability by an outside force, the victim will feel winded both physically and mentally, how winded will depend on how far the process had been taken. The shock of interruption will also temporarily stun Stella.

This ability can only be used once per day. The buffs that occur from this ability would make Stella on par with an Olympic athlete giving her enhanced speed, strength, agility and endurance on par with an Olympic athlete. This doesn't give her any fighting talent but baring that anything an Olympic athlete can do physically Stella will be able to do for half an hour. This would mean reaching up to twenty miles per hour in a short burst and thirteen miles per hour for longer distances. She could lift something that is up to two hundred and fifty pounds with relative ease.