Attributes Edit

  • Minor Potency
  • Minor Range
  • Strong Utility

Description Edit

As bad as Kyuki's artwork is it is almost equaled out by how bad she is in the kitchen. While her food is doesn't affect her due to her ingesting it many times over the years it could give many unforeseen effects to anyone else who eats it. These effects are never beneficial but neither are they always harmful. An example would be someone turning yellow after accidentally eating a sandwich she had made, or having hallucinations after eating her 'famous' potato salad, it's completely up to the person doing the ingesting. Even out right death could happen by ingesting a batch of Kyuki's cookies, but again it's completely up to the player what kind of effect her food has on them, it just should be negative. The preferred length of effect is for the rest of the thread, or at least a decent amount of time but is again up to the player. While this could potentially poison someone, the food is always obviously strange if not outright disgusting making it almost impossible for someone to eat it without realizing the possible repercussions of doing so. Even if forced to eat it, whether or not they get ill enough for it to affect the battle would be completely up to the other person.

Another aspect to Kyuki's cooking is that she likes making stew. When she throws random objects into a cauldron to make a meal anything could happen. What comes out of the cauldron will not always be what was put into it. This cannot be used for battle either as what comes out of the cauldron is always random and is almost never beneficial.