• Strong Potency
  • Strong Range
  • Weak Utility


Brainstorm! The Mindscaper's Lightning Lance!

By harnessing the electrical charges in her brain, Elena can manifest a dangerous psychic weapon into the physical world. The weapon shimmers and writhes like an arc of electricity, but Elena can maintain it to take the rough shape of a weightless spear.

Although weightless, the lance can interact like a physical force. It behaves like a regular spear when connecting against someone, and Elena can feel resistance the same was she would if she connected with a wooden spear.

The entirety of the lance is dangerous to the touch, however. Even for Elena, her grip on the lance is imaginary. The lightning manifests a centimetre away from her skin. On contact, the lance will force apart molecular bonds through extreme kinetic energy, essentially disintegrating or melting the material it touches.

The psychic energy is most effective against inorganic material, or anything Elena perceives as inorganic. It's often less a matter of what material it can cut through so much as how long it takes to do so. Against human flesh or anything Elena perceives as being alive, her inhibitions limit the power of her spear. Instead of cutting right through living material, it will at best only leave surface electrical burns (and a ton of pain).

The Lightning Lance does, however, possess a secondary effect due to its electrical nature. Although the attack itself is not lightning elemental, it does produce an electrical surge on contact that works much like electricity. It can short circuit electronics, and can temporarily stun living targets for as their muscles seize. The stun only lasts a second at most, but it can be enough to turn the tide in Elena's favour.

Though Elena could never throw a baseball to save her life, she can throw her lance in a perfectly straight line. The lance will travel up to 25 yards per second, and its effectiveness decreases in tandem with Elena's Sensory Anchor.

Elena has enough stamina to create one lance before she needs six hours of rest. However, she has the option to sacrifice any power of hers with at least 50% usage left. Doing so allows her to create a second lance at any time. It takes three seconds to fully form the lance. Elena can sustain a lance for as long as five minutes, and she can't make more than one at a time.