• Moderate Potency
  • Weak Range
  • Strong Utility


While the stopping power of an average bullet relies on its ability of causing bleeding and thus loss of blood pressure, these bullets are miniaturized TASERs, capable of delivering 500 volts in a specific wave pattern that causes most living beings to quickly deplete their energy through a series of powerful contractions and distensions of the muscles, stunning the target for up to 10 seconds and leaving it with terrible soreness after it.

The amperage is very low however, barely making it to one tenth of an ampere, meaning it's close to impossible to kill someone with one of these bullets.

It's also possible that, if the bullet does manage to pierce the exterior, an electrical component such as a computer or a robot, is overloaded and thus shuts down, however this assumes the electronic has some sort of protection from voltage.

These bullets are fired with a more modest charge of gunpowder, making them travel much less than their fully charged counterparts, reaching at most 30 meters. In exchange for this, the recoil is very light and produces little to no strain to the shooter, allowing for many more shots to be performed before feeling tired.

Leo carries with him approximately 40 of these bullets, and is capable of reloading his weapons once every 2 minutes with these, just as if they were normal ammo.